Would You Put Alcohol on Your Skin?

by Kate

USDA Organic Skin Care Seal

Alcohol has existed in skin care products for many years already to the point that it seems like they are treated as a requirement. However, they are notorious for causing dryness as well as irritations.

Alcohols alone can bring about awful impact on the skin because it dilates the blood vessels and thus, interfere with our skin’s processing of Vitamin A. When there is a reduction of absorbed Vitamin A, there is an acceleration of premature aging that causes wrinkles and fine lines to be more visible on the skin. This goes the same for alcohol which is consumed. It increases flushing of the skin, thus decreasing the absorption and efficacy of Vitamin A. it also increases the toxicity of Vitamin A and carotene.

Even some moisturizers contain alcohol which defeats the entire purpose of moisturizing your skin. The alcohol content makes the other ingredients quickly evaporate from the skin surface. Here is a list of alcohol that one should avoid:

  1. ethanol,
  2. ethyl alcohol,
  3. denatured alcohol,
  4. methanol,
  5. benzyl alcohol,
  6. methyl alcohol,
  7. isopropyl alcohol,
  8. and SD alcohol.

Be wary of what you put on your skin. The products may just be nullifying what they are supposed to produce on your skin, and is thus a waste of money. What’s worse is that they can actually damage your skin in the long run, requiring you to spend even more for repairs.
To ensure that your skin care product does not contain any harmful ingredients, it would be best to look for the USDA organic seal. There are products like Indian Meadows Herbals and Lily Organics that proudly displays their USDA seal. This seal is proof there are no synthetic materials used during production and that they are certified organic skin care.

And remember, the more USDA seals, the better.

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I personally wouldn’t advise that.

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