Top 5 Organic Skin Care Products as Ranked by Amazon Reviews

by Kate

I love lists. Whether it’s the top ten hits of the 90’s, top three best dressed celebrities, or worst hair makeovers, it just sparks a certain curiosity that I’m sure you can also relate to. So I was thinking, since I haven’t posted here for a while, I’m going to make it worth everybody’s time, and write about the best or worst product lists on as many review sites as possible.

What better way to start this list than with Amazon. I just love this site for several reasons. First, you get bargains, bargains, bargains! Back then, buying from the internet meant spending more money. However, since sites like these, you get your hands on the best prices first! Second, of course, the convenience, nothing beats just clicking around and finding the product you’ve been looking for months. Third, you get really great reviews. I enjoy reading reviews especially if you get the pros and cons of different products, and you notice several patterns, like it seems to work for those with dry skin, but not so much for those with oily skin. Bottom line is, they’re pouring their hearts out, some angry, some enthusiastic, but most of the reviews are honest, and you can really learn about the product.

The downside of Amazon though, their search. I typed in organic eye cream, and this was the list that came up. Amazon, if you can read this, please improve your search results. However, to stay loyal to their results, we’ll keep it as is and while I initially wanted to list down the top organic eye creams, it’s more of a variety of products now. I will be creating a list that’s more targeted for eye creams next time, if you ask, so get ready to keep those comments coming.

So, here are the top 5 reviewed organic skin care products on Amazon:

10. Bel Essence – 100% All-Natural Organic Anti-Wrinkle Formula with Argan, Grapeseed and Sesame Oil

Bel Essence - 100% All-Natural Organic Anti-Wrinkle Formula with Argan, Grapeseed and Sesame OilI have to admit, as I browsed through the product description, the strategically bold Sesame, Grapeseed and Almond oils immediately caught my attention, and after which, Avocado and Argan oils. We all know these are ingredients for home made cleansers and exfoliants right?

Moving on, this Bel Essence product has 9 reviews with a perfect rating of 5. The comment that most people found helpful was one that came from a 53 year old lady. If she loves it, we should too right? :)

So these users love Bel Essence Anti-Wrinkle Formula for these reasons:

1. Natural- Yes, of course, those that came from creams with horrible products moved to this organic cream and totally loved it.
2. Results- Based on the reviews, it just takes a few weeks to notice results.
3. Non-greasy- For an oil, this is a complete surprise. Some of these women even use it during the day time, under their make-ups!
4. Sunspots- Aside from the promise of removing fine lines, the ingredients also have great effects in removing those ugly spots.

Check Bel Essence – 100% All-Natural Organic Anti-Wrinkle Formula on Amazon.

Q’Lumiere Organic Day creme with Cucumber & CoQ10

Q'Lumiere Organic Day creme with Cucumber & CoQ10It sounds sweet, it looks sweet. Packaged in a light green bottle, it literally looks as cool as a cucumber. According to the product description, it contains Caviar Extract, CoQ10, Hyaluronic Acid, Fruit Extracts. It’s ideal for moderate to dry skin and has a light cucumber scent.

The product description on the Amazon page itself is a bit sketchy though, “Time stands still for noone, even mom-to be.” For a product page, they really should have checked for typos.

Now, for the product itself, it has 22 reviews, with 20 giving it 5 stars and 2 giving it 4 stars. Excellent rating! The first thing I noticed on the reviews are, the customers either bought more of it after the first purchase, or promises to buy more.

Here are the things they love about the product:

1. The smell- It’s very pleasant and organic. It has just the right hint that doesn’t overwhelm you when you apply it.
2. Great for sensitive skin- 3 reviews have indicated they have sensitive skin, and 1 was pregnant, it worked perfectly for them.
3. 30’s to 40’s- The promise of being great for moderate to dry skin seems to live up to the promise. Several reviewers included their age in their reviews, which is 30 and 40 and above. As you grow older, your skin becomes drier, but it moisturizes really well.
4. Light but moisturizing- It moisturizes, but it’s something you can still apply after exercise. A really heavy cream usually leaves you all greasy, but you don’t get it with this one.
5. Customer service- There was only 1 mention of this on the reviews, but I think it needs commendation. When ordering online, this should be one of the major priorities.

Check Q’Lumiere Organic Day creme on Amazon

Rosa Mosqueta Rose Hip Seed Oil by Aubrey Organics

Rosa Mosqueta Rose Hip Seed Oil by Aubrey OrganicsAubrey Organics is a brand that has a lot of organic stuff out there. They have lotions, astringents, masks and more, all organic, which is probably one of the reasons why so many women and men love this specific product.

Because this isn’t a very specific product but more of a moisturizing nutrient, it targets several problems. Included in the description are that it nourish and revitalize dull, dry skin and scalp and rehydrate damaged hair, improves texture and restores skin’s natural moisture balance, makes a superb hot oil infusion for dry scalp and damaged hair. This product got 24 counts of 5 stars, 3 4 stars and just 1 3 stars. Buyers are ranting about:

1. Trusted Brand- A lot of the buyers of this product have also purchased other Aubrey products and use it along with other products of the same line.
2. Great for sensitive skin- No itching, burns, acne or other side effects that other eye creams love, even for those who have very sensitive skin.
3. Versatility- One reviewer uses this as a make-up remover, moisturizer and as a treatment for her hair. She loves it THAT much.
4. Longevity- There are several users who have used this for years! With all the new products out there, this is a great indicator that this is worth purchasing.
5. Oatmeal scent- This is more of a 50-50. Some women love it, some say they don’t mind the smell, which means it’s not one of their faves on the product.

Check Rosa Mosqueta Rose Hip Seed Oil on Amazon

Solar Protection Formula Tizo3 Protection Facial Mineral Fusion Spf40

Solar Protection Formula Tizo3 Protection Facial Mineral Fusion Spf40This product is actually a sunblock but let’s go ahead and review it anyway. It has 31 5 star reviews which is why it ranked as the number 2 best rated product. As we go along though, we’ll get to that 2 star ranking which is a total downer.

1. Great with make-up- Because it’s light, you can user it under your make-up. But, what’s great about this product is that it has a matte finish, so your skin looks great as is. It has a very light tint, which makes it ideal for any skin tone.
2. Doesn’t clog pores- This is one characteristic that everybody loves. A typical problem for sunblocks is that they clog the pores, which means while they protect your skin from UV rays, they do give you pimples, Solar Protection Formula doesn’t.
3. Ideal for sensitive skin and eyes- A lot of us have sensitive eyes, I personally do, which is why I was glad when I saw that a lot of women with sensitive eyes are happy with this sunblock.
4. Pricey- There are several mentions how it falls a bit on the expensive side at $20.71
5. Alumina- I think it best to just paste the entire comment:

Goes on great, feels great, used for water sports and never got sunburned. BUT just read ingredient I missed when I bought it: Alumina is aluminum oxide. Here’s the details (something to consider if you are predisposed for any degenerative or neurological diseases). VERY disappointed as this product is all it claims to be except for this ingredient.
Strong evidence of human neurotoxicity, Chemicals known to be neurotoxic to humans
Human nervous system toxicant – moderate evidence, Chemicals known to be neurotoxic to humans
Persistent or bioaccumulative and moderate to high toxicity concern in humans, from Environment Canada Domestic Substance List
Classified as expected to be toxic or harmful, from Environment Canada Domestic Substance List
Classified as medium human health priority, from Environment Canada Domestic Substance List
Suspected to be an environmental toxin, from Environment Canada Domestic Substance List
Suspected nano-scale ingredients with potential to absorb into the skin, from Nanomaterial Database

I’m going to do some additional research on this and update you guys!

Check out Solar Protection Formula Tizo3 Protection on Amazon

Barlean’s Organic Oils Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, 16-Ounce Jar

Barlean's Organic Oils Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, 16-Ounce Jar

Top Ranked Organic Product on Amazon

This is another unique one on our list. It can be taken internally, or applied externally depending on your needs, and as long as you follow instructions!

I specifically like this part of the description:

A rich, tropical oil that can be taken as a dietary supplement, used in cooking, and applied to skin and hair.

Barlean’s Organic Oils Extra Virgin Coconut Oil comes from the Philippine Island of Quezon, and is hand selected and harvested at the peak of flavor and nutritional value. It’s also pressed and bottled on demand without chemicals.

I love coconuts, it really does work wonders, but it’s just not something we can get anywhere. The fact that you’re getting this fresh and without any chemicals included is absolutely delicious! It has a whopping 140 counts of 5 star reviews, so I won’t go through each and every one of them, I hope you forgive me.

1. Hair- I read that some people boil real coconut milk and use it to massage into their scalp and their hair to moisturize it. This is the second best thing.
2. Moisturizer plus massage oil- Use it as a massage oil and moisturize your skin at the same time. You can make your home a spa because it’s smooth, has a pleasant taste, and for some reason, if it does end up in your mouth, won’t poison you haha!
3. Coconut aroma- We pay for candles, incense sticks and other coconut scents. This product is the real thing.
4. No residue- Let’s admit it, if you’ve tried something that’s very organic, you might end up with some disgusting residue. This one doesn’t leave any, so you can use it any time of the day.
5. Healing?- Because there were several reviews that discussed the healing benefits of this product, I’ll mention it here, but I’m not promising anything. Also, the product doesn’t make any claims of treating anything, so if it did, that’s great, but I wouldn’t recommend it, I’d still say go to your dermatologist if you have any skin problems.
6. Packaging- Because coconut oil is sensitive to heat and light, the jar should be ideally dark colored, which is exactly what Barlean’s did. Kudos there.
7. Versatility- Once again, use it and be creative with it. If you go through the reviews, it’s amazing what different ways the buyers have used this product on.

Check out Barlean’s Organic Oils Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, the top rated organic product on Amazon

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