Pimple Mood, Does Stress Cause Pimples?

by Kate

I have my skin care exactly where I want them. Now I really need to work on my moods. I had such a stressful day yesterday, and I am reaping what I have sowed. I woke up with an awful pimple on my forehead.

——-> Kate.

Pimples are super complicated. I am able to avoid it most of the time because I take care of my face of course. I avoid chemicals as much as possible, eat the right kid of food and drink lots of water. However, those are not the only aspects to look at. There’s also the dreaded pimple mood, mostly caused by stress.

So does stress cause pimples? Yes.

High levels of stress can stimulate the body’s production of different kinds of hormones which includes cortisol and adrenalin. These trigger different changes on the skin, like the production of oil and sebum. We all know that excess oil and sebum clog our pores and thus, leads to pimples, inflamed acne and other conditions.

This is another reason not to frown ladies. It’s true that a good outlook makes you beautiful from the inside and out. Literally.

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