Organic, It’s More Than Just Delicious

by Kate

When you hear the word organic and natural, what automatically comes into your mind is fresh, home-grown and delicious. It has minimal or absolutely stripped off chemicals, and so, goes to your plate as fresh as it has been grown. You can imagine scrumptious greens and juicy colors.

This is exactly what I imagine whenever I view at my organic skin care. It shouldn’t be something you would loathe because it would hurt a bit here and there, or looks kind of funny. I want something that I know is fresh. As fresh from my own backyard garden.

And, if you’re in a mood for something that’s as fresh as can be, you can try on these delicious but also beautiful organic ingredients that you can use by itself.

Yogurt and Sour cream. Oh, you may think they’re just a healthy snack, not to mention one of my favorites, but they are also quite popular for their moisturizing and exfoliating properties. Brilliant, isn’t it. They’re not just delicious, they make you beautiful too!

Honey. It’s not just sweet, there’s a reason why it was so popular in Ancient Egypt. It helps retain the moisture and adds glow to your skin. So, after exfoliating and toning, well, you can say that honey is the cherry on the ice cream. Only in this case, the honey on the sour cream.

What’s your favorite skin care ingredient?

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