Would You Put Alcohol on Your Skin?

September 14, 2010
USDA Organic Skin Care Seal

Alcohol has existed in skin care products for many years already to the point that it seems like they are treated as a requirement. However, they are notorious for causing dryness as well as irritations.

Alcohols alone can bring about awful impact on the skin because it dilates the blood vessels and thus, interfere with our skin’s processing of Vitamin A. When there is a reduction of absorbed Vitamin A, there is an acceleration of premature aging that causes wrinkles and fine lines to be more visible on the skin. This goes the same for alcohol which is consumed. It increases flushing of the skin, thus decreasing the absorption and efficacy of Vitamin A. it also increases the toxicity of Vitamin A and carotene.

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Organic Skin Care- Safety Always Comes First

August 23, 2010

There are so many organic skin care products on the market as I always reiterate. So, don’t you find it weird when you buy an “organic milk soap” that’s colored pink? This obviously means it’s laden with coloring, perfumes and chemicals that you don’t really need. And they claim to be organic?

Apart from the colors, there is a more sure way of knowing that the product you are using is purely organic, and doesn’t have chemicals that cause you skin irritations, or worst, cancer. You can do that by searching for the compact for safe cosmetic seal. If they don’t have it on their website, they are sure to have it somewhere on their product information.

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How Often Should You Wash Your Face?

August 16, 2010

The daily regime is, wash your face when you wake up and then wash or cleanse it before you go to bed. But, is there an ideal number when it comes to cleansing?

Well, when it comes to facial wash or cleansers, the rule is always is, wash according to your skin’s needs. If you have been out in the sun, or on the road where a lot of pollution hits for face, then, use your facial wash.
Washing your face too often, especially when you have dry skin may irritate it, so you can use milk, or fruit wash… best stick to organic facial washes I remind. On moments when your skin isn’t really so harassed, but you don’t feel fresh, just wash it with water, or what I do is I pat it with rose water. It does wonders, and smells naturally fresh.

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Men’s Organic Skin Care

August 13, 2010

Most men are picky when it comes to their skin care. And they should be. The reality is, most products in the market are designed to address skin problems that most encounter. And because of this, they can’t just go out and buy the most popular product on the market. We simply don’t have the same needs.

Men skin care really just focuses on the basics. That is:

1. Cleansing
2. Toning
3. Moisturizing

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Pimple Mood, Does Stress Cause Pimples?

August 11, 2010

I have my skin care exactly where I want them. Now I really need to work on my moods. I had such a stressful day yesterday, and I am reaping what I have sowed. I woke up with an awful pimple on my forehead.

——-> Kate.

Pimples are super complicated. I am able to avoid it most of the time because I take care of my face of course. I avoid chemicals as much as possible, eat the right kid of food and drink lots of water. However, those are not the only aspects to look at. There’s also the dreaded pimple mood, mostly caused by stress.

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Organic, It’s More Than Just Delicious

August 10, 2010

When you hear the word organic and natural, what automatically comes into your mind is fresh, home-grown and delicious. It has minimal or absolutely stripped off chemicals, and so, goes to your plate as fresh as it has been grown. You can imagine scrumptious greens and juicy colors.

This is exactly what I imagine whenever I view at my organic skin care. It shouldn’t be something you would loathe because it would hurt a bit here and there, or looks kind of funny. I want something that I know is fresh. As fresh from my own backyard garden.

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